PFC – Architecture Final thesis. July 2017

Nowadays China is facing a huge problem with it´s youngest generation: the ADDICTION to online games and technology. The government proposed a way of treating it by opening more than 400 Desintoxicacion Centers for Internet Addicts. This may sound like a good way of solving the problem, but the reality is the right opposite. Military discipline, ingesting drugs and therapies like electroshock have really done nothing for the addiction but fear.

Without any morality, these centers are currently being named as Concentration Camps for Internet Addicts.

I think a new way should be thought. A new archetype that could help the therapy with morality and with the human rights that everyone deserves.

Please, be welcome to my ”rethought” of a Desintoxication Centre placed in the mountains of the Hangzhou prefecture.


01_Situación actual en China02_Nueva terapia03_Lugar04_Planta 1-50005_Planta 1-20006_Sección 1-100 (3)07_Planta 1-7508_Sección 1-7509_Imagen10_Seccion constructiva11_Cubierta_112_Cubierta_213_Habitación14_Taller15_Instalaciones 116_Instalaciones_217_Sostenibilidad



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